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*NEW* LE Phone Grip & Cosmetic Bag Available NOW!!


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AirBond is an air-dried product that acts as a bonding agent, preparing the nail-bed for the application of gel enhancements.  Great for humid climates and all clients with hyperhidrosis, oily or clammy hands.

Many nail professionals prep and apply AirBond before applying Tack, PowerBond or even P+ QDbase Soak-Off Base Coat.

Product Benefits

  • Save up to 4 minutes per service by air-drying rather that curing in an UV or LED lamp.
  • Great for speedy pedicures! save 40 minutes of curing time per day when doing 10 pedicures.
  • Responds to the moisture in the client's nails and is great for clients with oily or clammy hands and hyperhidrosis.