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FREE SHIPPING on orders over £99/€99 | Orders will be dispatched from the end of this week
FREE SHIPPING on orders over £99/€99 | Orders will be dispatched from the end of this week


We are proud to be the UK distributor for Moonflair products.

Moonflair AB was founded in June 2018 by Celina Rydén and her vision was to create a fun and welcoming community where people would embrace their own creativity and push outside their comfort zone. A safe space where you could be yourself and not hold back on your ideas – and so Moonflair was born.

The name “Moonflair” is not just a cool word, it actually has meaning. The moon is a representation of creativity so that was a given for the brand name. The next part took a little bit longer to figure out. Celina wanted something that would represent “being yourself” and doing your own thing. 

“Flair – a uniquely attractive quality / a skill or instinctive ability to appreciate or make good use of something, / defined as a natural talent, ability or sense of style.”

Moonflair – your own personal creativity

 This is the core philosophy of Moonflair – encouraging people to be creative and not be afraid to show off their own ”flair” – their own style and personality.

Moonflair doesn’t only reach out to professional nail technicians, but also nail enthusiasts, makeup artists, scrapbookers and other creative hobbies and professions.

The Moonflair “WHY” is to inspire and spark the creative flame. Being a supportive and loving safe space where we focus on the enthusiasm and joy of being creative. To find your own personal creativity and be proud of it.

Be Creative – Be YOU!

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    Celina Rydén Nail Cards – The ultimate tool to fight creativity blocks and grow as an artist and your own creative thought process! “Do whatever y...

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