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Cosmetic Pink Builder Lexy Line Building Gel 30ml

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Cosmetic Pink Builder Lexy Line UV/LED Gel 30ml

Builder is a thick viscosity. non-self levelling. hard gel used for building and sculpting.

Product Benefits:

  • Cool-curing UV/LED formulation with advanced resin technology.
  • Is very flexible (great for ski jump nails or really flimsy natural nails, because when you have really flexible natural nails you need something that bends with them).
  • Is very easy to file.
  • Great for acrylic users switching to gel because it has more body to push around.
  • Formulated with high-quality resins that will never crack or chip.
  • Cosmetic pink builder is the only product you can extend the nail plate with complete coverage, as it will camouflage imperfections in the nail plate and disguise the natural nail free edge.