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*NEW* LE Phone Grip & Cosmetic Bag Available NOW!!

LEDdot Gen3 LED Lamp

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The new LEDdot Gen3 curing light is 400nm only curing (violet spectrum - not a good light to cure UV only gels). The longer wavelength of the violet spectrum LED emitters increases the depth of curing of the Light Elegance gels. The 16 powerful LED emitters each emit a higher amount of curing energy than the emitters in the LEDdot Gen1 and Gen2 curing lights. The LEDdot Gen3 is exclusive to Light Elegance, and incorporates the latest LED curing technologies. Pink and powerful!

Light stays on when hand is removed, and timer continues to finish selected curing cycle!

Cures all violet spectrum (LED) curable gels 15% thicker than LEDdot Gen2!

Does not cure UV-only gels. LEDdot Gen3 cures all Light Elegance gels made since 2010, but we cannot ensure proper curing of gels made by other brands.

Learn More About the power of the LEDdot!

LEDdot Features & Benefits

  • Dual wavelength emittance utilizing 16 LED emitters for even curing
  • 400 nm output to cure LED gels
  • Auto-on hand sensor. Light stays on when hand is removed to finish selected curing cycle.
  • 30 & 60-second settings at 100% power
  • 120-second setting with low-power output for hard gels to reduce the exothermic reaction
  • Powerful 36W Curing
  • 100% reflective interior with removable base plate
  • CE and UL approved power adapter
  • "LEDdot in use" indicator
  • Please note, the LEDdot Gen3 will not cure UV-only gels