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*NEW* LE Phone Grip & Cosmetic Bag Available NOW!!

Lefty Lu Z-Bit

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Lefty Lu - 3/32" standard Shank Length, Left Handed Z-Bit ideal for left handed Nail Pros
  • Fast cutting with a smooth finish to thin out product, reduct thickness and shape acrylic or hard gel
  • Premium bit manufactured in the USA
  • Left Handed Z-Bit
  • Perfectly compatible with the Light Elegance Zippy eFile

A stainless steel shaft and pedestal increase stability and enhance performance for left-handed nail professionals. The large carbide barrel bit is used for fast cutting with a smooth finish. Use to thin out product, reduce thickness, shape acrylic or hard gel, carve out smile lines or remove lifting pockets. Medium abrasiveness.

Download our Zippy eFile and Z-Bit usage guidelines here